.: Products: Lotus Esprit ALDL Bluetooth Scanner / Code Reader / Adapter and ALDL Scan App

.: Lotus Esprit ALDL Bluetooth Scanner / Code Reader / Adapter

Lotus Bluetooth Adapter Front

Our 'Lotus Esprit ALDL Bluetooth Scanner / Code Reader / Adapter' allows for the monitoring and recording of vehicle performance data to the user's Android device. This adapter can be used with our own 'ALDL Scan' Android application. Note! It is NOT compatible with 'ALDLDroid'. The Lotus Esprit ADX file available on the internet is encrypted and will only work with TunerPro.
When used with our 'ALDL Scan' application, the user can also log four additional analog data channels via the rear DB9 connector. This allows for the connection of devices such as wide band oxygen sensors. Analog channels can be monitored and recorded right along with the ALDL data being read by the application.

Compatible with:
.: ALDL Scan
.: TunerPro RT
.: Most MS Windows applications that use a COM port to communicate to ALDL at 9600 baud

.: Switch selectable between 160 and 8192 baud
.: Switch selectable 10K resistor across A and B pins (not required on Lotus Esprit)
.: Logs four external analog signals when used with our 'ALDL Scan' Android App.
.: LEDs to indicate power on and ALDL bus activity

.: All of our products are Made in the USA! We perform all assembly and manufacturing in-house!

Made in the USA!

.: ALDL Scan App

Use our 'ALDL Scan' application with our 'ALDL Bluetooth Adapter' to monitor and collect engine data. Data is recorded in a file that can be easily opened using spreadsheet programs for later analysis. 'ALDL Scan' is not compatible with other Bluetooth adapters.

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